Government Surveillance During The Modern Era

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Big Brother Every day, nearly every single person communicates with each other electronically whether it is via email, text or phone call. It is quite nearly impossible to go a day without using a cell phone or personal computer; some cannot live without our internet-connected devices. Through all of this communication, there is a lot of very personal information is revealed without thinking about whether or not there can or will be an impact of doing this. In June of 2013, the impact became apparent when Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee, became a whistleblower and revealed mass surveillance programs happening in the United States and other countries where the communications of all citizens, and all the data therein, are being recorded and collected at all times (Snowden). While some have been suspecting that this has been happening for years, this is the first time that concrete evidence has been revealed to prove that government surveillance occurs in the modern era. This revelation no doubt was controversial with many citizens feeling many different ways about it. The popular street artist Banksy decided to do a piece about government surveillance where there are three men with various recording equipment surrounding a phone booth and recording what is happening within the phone booth. I believe that this art piece effectively points out the underlying problems with both the very idea of government surveillance. Banksy’s piece is found in Cheltenham, England and
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