Government: United States Constitution and National Government

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Although President Obama’s nominations can be seen as moderate, directly after it was announced that Hagel was to fulfill the spot for the Secretary of Defense and John Brennan as director of the CIA, there was a large amount of controversy. With Obama’s choice of Hagel for the Secretary of Defense we see a Vietnam Veteran. He “… was deputy director of the Veterans Administration during the Reagan administration and later served as president of the United Service Organizations.” (US News) “While Hagel is a Republican, his views on foreign policy alarm some of his GOP colleagues. During his time in the Senate, Hagel was verbose in his opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he voted against sanctioning Iran on multiple occasions…show more content…
Which of the following favors passive cuts in government spending, eliminating the CIA and Department of Education- B, libertarians 24. In the United States political ideology- B, is not a consistent predictor of voting 25. The fall of the “Solid South” has made the sectional divisions- A, between north and south nearly useless for predicting election outcomes 26. Ratings or grades are given by interest groups to- A, identify members of Congress, favorable to **** 27. America Coming Together, the Media Fund, Swift Vets and POW’s for Truth, and Progress for American voter Fund are examples of- D, 527’s 28. Which Supreme Court case overturned part of McCain- Feingold and reaffirmed the earlier rules for independent expenditures by corporations?- Citizens United vs. FEC. 29. Which labor organization has become increasingly important in recent elections?- C and D, Federal, State, Country and Municipal Employees union, and NEA/AFT 30. Which of the following is not a type of interest group?- D, Movement 31. A ballot that is printed by the government and cast in secret is known as- B, an Australian ballot 32. An election in which voter elect officeholders is known as a- A, general election 33. The proportion of voters that vote in an election is known as- E, Voter turnout 34. Every four years in the process of choosing its presidential
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