Government Welfare Should Be Abolished

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Kenneth Gallion
Professor Wiemer
English 1120
5 May 2015
All Forms of Government Welfare Should be Abolished Welfare is defined as “practical or financial help that is provided, often by the government, for people or animals that need it” (). Many agencies are currently set up to assist and aid people who are financially in need. Some of these programs include TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), WIC (Woman, Infants and Children Program) and the Food Stamp program (). All of these programs can be very helpful to people who really need it, however, many issues are present in the American government welfare system. The process that decides whether one receives welfare or not isn’t necessarily the most secure and is a concern with many Americans. A growing number of people seem to be “cheating” the welfare system by receiving the benefits of it all while being financially and physically stable. Government welfare should be abolished due to its growing percentage of abuse, placing an enormous strain on the middle class, and teaching a set of improper work ethics to the future generation of America. The majority of people on welfare can easily be classified into two categories. The first categorical term covered is called “rescue welfare” (). The group of people in this category consists of Americans who have had a healthy and steady job all while paying their taxes and insurance without problem. The reason these people enter into the welfare
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