Government and Social Issues

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Government and Social Issues It appears readily apparent that an increase in tax revenues for alcohol would only aid in the prevention of violence related to alcohol in Australia. This fact, and the bulk of statistical evidence that supports it, is largely known to the Australian government and its appropriate authorities that mandate tax rules. However the government's primary concern seems to be appeasing the wine industry in the country, which is taxed at a much lower rate than other forms of alcoholic beverages including hard liquor and beer, despite having the same quantities of alcohol in the individual drinks. When one takes this notion into account, it becomes plain that the decision to not increase tax on wine in Australia is a simple matter of economics in which the authorities would rather save the wine industry 12,000 jobs and not decrease its sales by 34 percent which the imposition of stricter tax regulations purportedly would have done and instead pay the cost in the treatment of and picking up the piece for the violence that stems from alcohol, which impacts the economy to the tune of $15 billion a year (No author, 2010). The most convincing evidence for the correlation between increased alcohol taxes and better health care, however, stems from the fact that there is empirical evidence to support the notion that higher taxation and prices leads to lower rates of consumption of intoxicants (No author, 2010). The best way to target children in a Program
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