Essay on Government in Education

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Government in Education

Government in education has always been a disputable topic. The Republican Party believes that the role of federal government must be limited. Teachers, parents, and school boards should have most of the control over schools. The party is in favor of home schooling and calls for enforcement of laws that would protect the family’s privacy to do so. As college tuition continues to rise, Republicans want to increase the access to these universities with savings accounts. These savings would target higher benefits for students who take more challenging courses in high school. There is also much debate over prayer in schools. The Republican Party continues to work to get voluntary prayer back into schools. I think
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The Republican Party wants to reform and toughen the current immigration system in order to emphasize family. The system needs to devote resources to border control and give priority to spouses and children. The party believes that needed skills for determining eligibility for admission to our country should be emphasized. Republicans also support increasing the number of H-1B visas to ensure that workers with more high-tech skills are placed into specialized positions. The H-2A program for short-term agricultural workers also needs expansion. President Bush supports the concept called “English-Plus”, which insists on English proficiency but recognizes the valued richness that other languages bring to our country. Democrats are in support of the reforming of the INS to provide better services. Also, there needs to be increased resources for English language courses. The party believes that “family reunification” should continue to be the most important aspect of our current immigration system. Democrats want protection of immigrants who are hired by employers in order to exploit them. There is need for restoration of basic due process protections, so that immigrants can no longer be deported for minor offenses. The Green Party says, “Don’t blame immigrants
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