Government systems

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An authoritarian Monarchy is a form of government in which the leader has absolute power. Under Sui Huangdi China had an authoritative monarchy. He was hated by scholars for his book burning and by peasants because he forced them to work on the Great Wall of China (Beck, pg. 109). He also set standards on weights, currency, writing, and law (Beck, pg. 109). He also built roads, and started irrigation projects (Beck, pg. 109). An advantage of his government is that he got things done to help the country economically. A benevolent monarchy/tyrant is a government where the leader has absolute power. Persia had a benevolent monarchy under Cyrus the great. When he conquered a place he treated the people living there with kindness (Beck, pg.…show more content…
157). They had 1 year terms and could only be elected once every ten years (Beck, pg. 157). Also one consul could veto the others decisions (Beck, pg. 157). The senate was composed of 300 patrician members (Beck, pg. 157). The senate had influence over domestic and foreign policies (Beck, pg. 157). The Tribal assembly organized by the plebeians elected the tribunes and made laws for common people (Beck, pg. 157). In times of crisis a dictator would be elected and he had absolute power over laws and the army (Beck, pg. 157). Their rule lasted only six months (Beck, pg. 157). Dictators where chosen by the consuls and elected by the senate (Beck, pg. 157). An advantage of an authoritarian monarchy is that it unified china. A disadvantage is that it took away the people?s freedom. An advantage of a benevolent monarchy/tyrant is that the people would not rebel because they were treated fairly. An advantage of theocracy in Israel was that people did not commit crimes a lot because doing so would violate their religion. One of the problems with this government is that the leader could have too much power. That could lead to revolts like it did with King Solomon. An advantage of a confederacy was that it allowed small city-states to defend themselves against big empires. A disadvantage is that one state may gain too much power. (Athens) Sparta?s mob rule was disadvantageous because the majority of the people could be
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