Government throughout History and throughout Different Cultures

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Government throughout history and throughout different cultures has changed from one system to another. People fight for power, and a steady government means usually means more prosperous times. When bad times come, power levels may increase, overthrows are enacted, and sometimes the system itself changes. Societies often go about this differently, and patters may be hard to find. However, one thing that history seems to show is that rich people dominant the government. Social classes have always been a part of society, and those who already have more money, education, and resources tend to be the one’s ruling over those who have less. Most people who rule are given extra resources and valuable because they rule. But the pattern that is seen throughout history shows people who already had much, getting power, instead of an average person getting to power, then becoming rich. Ancient Egypt was a society centered on the Nile River. It was geographically advantageous because the Nile allowed for food surplus and protection from invaders. The government was dynastic succession with a Pharaoh as the leader. Egypt is a good example of rich dominance in the government because no forms of regular people having a voice are seen. As one of the earlier, powerful, and united (by Menes of Upper and Lower Egypt) societies, Egypt had its time of economic prosperity. But, there was still a separation between standard of living in the commoners versus the government and religious leaders.
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