Governmental Efforts to Achieve a Drug Free Society

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Obviously, government has not at any point shown laxity in her effort to achieve a drug-free society, a dream that, perhaps by the virtue of existing measures, seems unrealizable. Its efforts include enforcements and bringing drug-offenders to justice which entails incarceration, capital punishment, and what a few. This has financial impacts on the government, for instance, cost of custodial services, police and court cost, community supervision etc; as well as social impacts and collateral costs, (Beckley 2009). Despite these costs, drug markets keep booming and patronage keeps increasing unfortunately. It is then necessary that we review that law which criminalizes our citizens and makes the economy spend more of its hard-earned income incarcerating drug offenders. Thanks to President Goodluck Jonathan for suggesting models for decriminalizing and regulating some of these illicit drugs. However, attention has been drawn to the yearnings and criticisms of notable law enforcement agents, group of parents, constituency members who still share optimism in the present measures, opining that any suggestion short of further criminalizing drug-users (both violent & non-violent) would only worsen the situation. Perhaps, sharing their view, the mere thought of imagining that a government would approve/sell drugs to her citizens sends a chill of fear down the spine. WHAT SHOULD ACTUALLY BE DONE? Judging from benefits that would be considered in later paragraphs, it is advised that

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