Governmental Support For Cyber Physical System Research

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Governmental Support for Cyber Physical System Research

Cyber Physical Systems research has garner support from several sectors within the public and private sector. NITRD has supported CPS SSG ( Senior Steering Groups) that supports Research and development (R&D), budgets , policy endorsements, Joint planning program, and training CPS works in coordination with academia. Other activities perform with CP SSG is recommendation for Federal CPS R&D priorities. CPS coordinate with other NITRD units such as PCAs IWGS and CGs on similar matters. Current goals for CPS is to develop essential science necessary to engineer complex cyber-physical systems that users can use and depend upon “National Science Foundation,” NSF is working with other agencies of the federal government such as the Department of Homeland Security(DHS), Security Science and Technology, “Depart of Transportation”, “Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)”,” Joint Program Office”(JPO), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Institute of Health(NIH) “National Cancer Institute” (NCI), and “National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences”, (NCATS)

Moving Target Defense (MTD)

Moving Target Defense (MTD) is new technology designed to make it difficult for an attacker to exploit a vulnerable system, by modifying features of the system that attackers anticipates to attack. The changes that the system would make will make it impossible or…
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