Governmental Systems of China

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From the Manchu Empire which focused on Confucianism to the current Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China, the government of China has changed drastically throughout the years, ultimately contributing to the country that China is today. It is significant to understand that the changes made in the governmental system were so drastic, that they stretched from the Mainland all the way to Taiwan and Hong Kong. The beginning empires of the governmental system in China were certainly different than the country’s modern day government. The first empire can be traced back to the year 221 B.C. in which the Qin Dynasty was ruling. The dynasty was formed by an emperor named Qin Shi Huang, after the state of Qin conquered six other states in China. The dynasty had a goal in mind to create an imperial state which was unified by a higher political power with a strong economy. This goal was important to the leaders in order to maintain a strong military power in the country. The Qin Dynasty also wanted control over the peasantry, which allowed the Great Wall of China to be built. The purpose of building the Great Wall of China was to put an end to the raids of the nomadic central Asians from the north. From the leadership of the Qin came a system of writing, as well as a creation of many roads and other public…
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