Governments Enact Laws Governing Refugee And Asylum Seekers Based On Political Factors

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Governments enact laws governing refugee and asylum seekers based on political factors. Ties between the country of origin and the country of asylum, national security and current event are some of the factors that cause governments to enact laws for political reasons. As a result, countries will use certain criteria to accept different flows of refuges that will foster a policy of discrimination. Policies enacted for political reasons do not always reflect the social climate of the country, but more times than not the social factors and the political factors are aligned with the same ideologies.
Using the country of origin in the evaluation process is the most conventional method of identifying ties between countries of origin and the country of asylum, acknowledge national security threats as well as deal with current events. Every application process requires applicants to state their country of origin. “Close political links between the governments of a country of possible asylum and the country of origin make people afraid to ask for asylum in the relevant country of destination” (Havinga and Bocker, 1999). Applicants know that the friendship between the two countries is bound to result in a denial of asylum. The country of asylum would not want to embarrass the country of origin. In the countries that a friendship is evident, asylum is almost certainly denied because a “bestowal of refugee status upon asylum seekers implies that the sending government persecutes its
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