Government's Role on Health Care Essay

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Introduction Have you ever wondered exactly what the government does for our country in regards to health care? Many have the impression that the government is not really of much assistance to them. However, in reality, the government does more than most people realize. The government actually plays a vital role in health care but most people look past it. I am sure very few people have actually sat down and pondered or even have done research to find out the impact of the government’s role in health care. However, I intend to clear up this misconception. The federal and state governments are the largest supporters of health care services in the United States. Examples of support that our government provides include assisting those …show more content…
The Federal Employee Health benefit program is the largest employer health insurance program in the United States, insuring about 3 percent of all Americans. There are 133 plans, offering 188 coverage options that are participating in the FEHBP as of 2003. Preferred provider organization (PPO), fee-for-service plans, and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) all offer options. The government’s contribution toward the cost of the beneficiary’s premium is “lesser of 72 percent of the average FEHBP plan premium, weighted by enrollment, or 75 percent of the premium for the plan chosen” (Karen Davis) . Just as importantly, the government funds and provides health care directly to many others who work or have previously worked for the federal government as well. Programs such as the “Defense Department” are for active-duty and retired personnel and their families that visit facilities owned by the government, using health care providers who work for the government. Nearly 7.8 million veterans out of the 25 million in the veteran population receive care directly from the Veterans Health Administration, a division of the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). This care is also delivered in government owned facilities, by providers employed by the government. The Indian Health Service, which
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