Governments Should Spend Money on Improving Public Transportation

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Governments Should Spend Money On Improving Public Transportation Many people in the world want their countries to be developed, and they want to have a good quality of life. Also, they want their countries to have strong potential economy to compete with other nations. As a result, it is necessary for the government to work on improving facilities which are the basic foundation of life. In my opinion, governments should spend more money on improving public transportation, such as buses, subways, and trains instead of working on the construction of new roads and highways for several reasons. The first reason is to encourage people to use public transportation. Right now, many people feel that using public transportation, such…show more content…
For example, there is heavy traffic in Bangkok, which is the capital of Thailand, where I come from. Even though we have many kinds of transportation, such as buses, express trains, subways, and boats, it is not good as people expect because buses are too old, and express trains are limited in some areas in Bangkok. Also, many areas, buses are only one option. As a result, people decide to use
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