Governor Lepage 's Administration And The Vermont State

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ackground Governor LePage’s administration and the Maine State Legislature have been in gridlock for many months over the proposed two-year state budget beginning July 1. Maine faces the real possibility of a state government shutdown at the end of the fiscal year if that a budget agreement is not reached June 30th. The most recent state government shutdown lasting 16 days occurred in 1991 when then Gov. John McKernan failed to reach an agreement with the state legislature about workers compensation reform. The legislative leaders as well as Governor LePage’s administration downplay the possibility of a shutdown, and have all stressed their commitment to avoid this drastic measure. However, LePage’s often adversarial relationship with the legislature and battles over MaineCare funding must not be downplayed. LePage’s administration is not offering any insight as to how the administration would conduct state government if a shutdown occurs; however, it will fall to LePage to decide which government services are essential and will continue in the event a budget agreement is not realized and a shutdown occurs. Like many nonprofits in the last several decades, CHCS has been affected by unexpected shifts in funding and must be prepared should a shutdown or any other significant loss of funding occur. CHCS receives just under 80% of its operating funds directly or indirectly from the State of Maine. In the unlikely event of a state government shutdown, as executive

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