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Worldview Analysis Essay The institution of family and marriage was at one point one of the strongest institutions between two people that existed in the world. However, due to process philosophy, we can now see that same institution is being attacked and transformed into something that God objects to. As Christians, the Bible is our way to better understand and worship God. If we explore the ESV version in Genesis 2, we see God made man and woman and said that they “shall become one flesh”. Karl Marx however, offered up a different approach. Marx was an Atheist and therefore did not believe in God or the word of God (Martin, 2006). Marx’s atheistic teachings created a succession of process philosophers that eventually brought us to our…show more content…
With that mindset, our nation has come to the position it is in, particularly in regards to homosexual “marriages’. Something that is so clearly stated that is sinful, our government leaders have decided to legalize. How can we, as God’s people, think that we have a right to change one of God’s laws? The answer is Marxism. Once we start disobeying God and start creating our own rules, we begin sinning against God. The consequences of Marxism can be witnessed everyday if we pay close attention. Marxism teaches that everyone is born into a classless society, with everyone being the same. Today, you can observe other people that constantly need to be like everyone else and to have the material things that everyone else has. These basic ideas of conforming are Marxist in nature and are actually mentioned in Ecclesiastes 4:4-7. Eventually, if we follow the path of Marxism, we see how it goes from Capitalism, to Socialism, to Communism. Socialism though, is what we are dealing with more and more in our daily lives. We see it happening in our government, work, and if we’re not cautious, we will eventually see it in our families. Socialism is visible at work every day, especially in regards to welfare. If we look at the traditional marriage, God ordered the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, to reproduce. “And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be

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