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Table of content: 1. Introduction 2 1.1 Origin of the Report 2 1.2 Objectives 2 1.3 Methodology 2 1.4 Rationale of the Study 3 1.5 Scope 3 1.6 Limitations 3 2. Organizational Profile…show more content…
The relevant information collected from primary sources is collected in an informal way. The secondary sources for data collection were published annual reports, monthly financial newsletters of GP and monthly newsletters of GrameenPhone Ltd. 1.4 Rationale of the Study : This report aims at reflecting the real life working environment to the master’s students. This is very helpful as this helps to understand different aspects of a company. It also makes an introduction to professionalism that is vital in the working life. So, Term Paper can be visualized as a guideline for starting up job i.e. career life. 1.5 Scope : The scope of the study is limited within telecommunication business in Bangladesh. It is also limited within the organization of Grameen Phone Ltd. and especially within corporate social Responsibility of the Company. Here I discuss with the topics related to the financial performance and Revenue of GrameenPhone. 1.6 Limitations : ▪ The company does not have sufficient source of secondary data and collecting of data was not smooth. ▪ Time was very short to collect huge data on CSR of Grameen phone. 2. Organization Profile 2.1 GrameenPhone Corporate Governance: In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, vibrant and dynamic

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