Gps to Go Takes on Garmin Assignment #2

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Analyze the personality and temperament of Joseph Thomas Determining someone’s personality temperament is a difficult thing to do even with regular contact with an individual. Personality temperaments are tendencies individuals have and are not set standards how one will always act. Given the difficulty in analyzing a person’s temperament with personal knowledge of an individual all comments regarding Joseph Thomas’ personality temperament are purely speculations based on the short commentary we were given in the book. Having said that it is possible to have an idea of who a person is based on what they focus on as my psychology professor use to say. Joseph Thomas has a lot of focus on logistics within the commentary on the GPS to GO…show more content…
Now while I think that this has to do with his temperament I can also see how it could be simply the power, or pull, he is given in the project that might make it difficult. With Scott so focused on deadline and the teams focused on deadline and not cost it could undermine any strategy that he might have been able to put together. This could also just test his skills as a project manager, because being a leader has to do with getting people to want to follow your lead. Leading a project is difficult task especially when there are competing forces. Understanding all levels of the project and the strengths and weaknesses is important. While I believe that Joseph did that effectively, I believe that he struggled with how to communicate that to the teams and to Scott to help make the launch of the GPS-to-Go products more successful and profitable. Separate the four (4) steps in the project life cycle and comment about how Joseph Thomas moved through them There are four stages that every project must go through, these are referred to as the project life cycle, and each stage of the cycle has a stage-ending deliverable. The four stages are initiating, planning, executing, closing (Kloppenborg,14). The initiating stages ends with the approval of the plan, the planning stage ends with the approval to execute the project, the executing stage the project output is accepted, and the closing stage is

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