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Bus 109 qn 1 5pts Draw a demand and supply curve . Label properly with axis. Explain the curve and how it works . How to shift both curves. How to shift demand curve. 10 pts increase demand by doing what ?: Make people want it more. Marketing or advertising . Red line goes up. Not enough supply. New equilibrium point (higher on the price axis) *shift to the right. * price increase and quantity increase. 10 pts draw and explain increase in technology and how it effects the graph: Supply increases so it is cheaper to produce. The supply curve shifts to the right because more quantity produced. Price also decreases. Qn2 Personal Insurance. Liability automobile insurance bodily injury liability : held legally liable for damage…show more content…
Wal-mart's lack of security in their large parking lots are a common place for auto theft or robbery. - Wal-Mart, Large discount will effecting on community negatively. And also employment, if Wal-Mart came to community those who were in small businesses will run out of business because of large discount from the Wal-Mart with same products, and also low wage for workers will effect on rate of employment, and lifestyle. Moreover, it will effecting on tax payers also, because Wal-Mart is getting subsidize from local community and government that will cost increasing rate of tax pay, according to Hercules article explains that Wal-Mart is not good for their town and the city council voted unanimously to use its power of eminent domain to prevent Wal-Mart from building a store on an undeveloped 17-acre property overlooking San Pablo Bay which it deemed incompatible with the industrial waterfront redevelopment project. In 2009 the city purchased the land back from Wal-Mart. And for Health benefits would decreases because Wal-Mart also cuts to health care for part-time workers. And also they planned to deny health care benefits for new employees. Qn4 four P's of marketing. Price product place promotion. Describe each and give example. How to apply for a production of a product you would be interested in? Give example. Chap 14 product: overall service offered. Could be bundle of product itself plus
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