Grab Her By The Brain Case Study

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In case you missed it, there is a new gender-positivity campaign out there called “Grab Her By The Brain.” Does it sound familiar? It is actually a play on words of the one and only Donald Trump’s now-infamous comments about grabbing women in a derogatory manner – I’ll spare you his actual quotes here, but, naturally, you can find them all over the Internet, anyway. The point of Grab Her By The Brain, according to its website, is to promote respect for women and empower them, rather than allow them to be objectified. The website clearly, spells out the campaign’s mission, highlights the fact that it involved in charity work and even has a “merchandise” tab from which you can buy a hat with the campaign’s name on it. All and all, at first glance,…show more content…
If its name had been created out of the blue, not inspired by any other factor, I would have been utterly disgusted because that would have been blatantly disrespectful, aggressive and downright unnecessary. But, because it is pulling from such a relevant issue and point of discussion in today’s world, it kind of makes sense. It appropriates Trump’s inexcusable comments and puts a positive spin on them. It really forces people to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with Trump’s sexist remarks (if it wasn’t already obvious), and suggests what we should be promoting in women instead. “Grab her by the brain” is a way of saying, “Women are so much more than a body. Its their brains that you should take notice of.” And that is a saying I can respect. So, you see, I am kind of stuck. I become so infuriated every time I hear videos of Trump making appalling sexual comments about women that I hope everything else in this world stays as far away from them as possible. Then again, I appreciate the fact that Grab Her By The Brain is taking a direct stab at such poor behavior and is altering it to create a healthier message. Would I have chosen a controversial title for a campaign that is supposed to be inspirational and empowering? Definitely not, but I get what it was going
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