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When it comes down to learning and a grade, most students care about the grade more than actually comprehending information,which gives students a false interpretation of how things work.“After all, there are no Cliff Notes in the business world.”

Grabbing test answers off the Internet is a "crutch" that students have gotten used to using. With all the answers always just a search away, it's hard not to just look online for the answers. Students believe that if they get answers off the internet they're smarter, but really, they are just more internet savvy. “If it doesn’t ”make money” they won’t do it. This is a sad commentary! But we seem to just be “happy” Students want to impress the people around them, and even since elementary school,
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They know how to manipulate the system, therefore they are “smarter”. Students know their way around the internet, and so do teachers. Many teachers now grab tests from online sources, and students can easily find the answer key for those test as quick as the teachers found the tests. "What we've got to teach kids are the tools to access that information," says Gregory Thornton, the school district's chief academic officer. " 'Cheating' is not the word anymore." Although looking up answers or test can be helpful, it might not always be the best way. Not all of the information online is accurate, so if you believe everything you read you could be receiving faulty…show more content…
Students, and even teachers, don't want to put in the hard work. Many people believe that you just need to get the right answer then you're all set. The media always tells us to “work smarter, not harder” but this may not be the ‘smartest’ way out. When people start getting in the habit of just going through the motions, it sticks with them. As kids, we often repeat information we “heard,” regardless of its truth. Students are constantly being fed propaganda, and soon we start believing that it is all true. Many online sources (Like cliff notes) tell students that the best thing to do is take the fast way out so they don't actually have to do
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