Grace And The Atonement Of Christ

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Everybody sins, and we are no different. But unlike some churches, we believe that we are able to repent from the sin or sins we commit. The process we use is called the atonement, and it is the supreme expression of the love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We can feel this love after we repent, and it is also described as the grace of God or Jesus Christ. Christ loves us and wants us to come back to him, as Moses 1:39 states, it is his work and his glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Grace is defined as “divine help or strength … given through the mercy and love of God.” This grace can help us serve beyond our capacity to love, and in the scriptures grace is frequently used to connote a strengthening or enabling power. In Grace and The Atonement of Christ, written in the March 2014 New Era, Palakiko C, a newer missionary from Hawaii, was asked to give a talk at a couple of investigators baptisms. He was quite worried, as he did not know if he was fully capable to give a talk on these investigators special day. He prepared for the talk by praying and reading his scriptures, and on the day of the baptism, the talk went fine. Palakiko was blessed by the grace of the Savior to accomplish something he felt inadequate to do on his own. That same power can help all of us in ways both small and great. The grace of God is amazing, and can help us do great things, but how do we access it? When we need guidance or support or strength, God can help
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