Grace And The Atonement Of Christ

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Everybody sins, and we are no different. But unlike some churches, we believe that we are able to repent from the sin or sins we commit. The process we use is called the atonement, and it is the supreme expression of the love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We can feel this love after we repent, and it is also described as the grace of God or Jesus Christ. Christ loves us and wants us to come back to him, as Moses 1:39 states, it is his work and his glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Grace is defined as “divine help or strength … given through the mercy and love of God.” This grace can help us serve beyond our capacity to love, and in the scriptures grace is frequently used to connote a strengthening or…show more content…
But it depends on us too. We have to seek His help and be worthy of it. We can not ask God to help us get a good grade on a final or a test at school, then totally blow off studying for the test. That is not how it works. If we want His help, we need to study up to the test, and be prepared, then he will help us. Likewise, we can’t expect God if we don’t ask for his help. Elder RIchard G. Scott has said, “Our insights, our talents, our abilities are expanded because we receive strength and power from the Lord.” Christ’s love can give us the power to do amazing things-think of it maybe as like a super adrenaline rush-and we should always try to be in touch with God so he can help us reach our full potential. Jesus wants us to succeed. He is not up in heaven laughing when we make a mistake, and is not taking bets on what we become in life. In fact, it is just the opposite. He is sad when we fail, and happy when we achieve our goals. At the moment, we live in what is a tribulant, terrifying time to be Christian, Mormon, or a good person. Which is why we need to look to Christ even more then we have in the past. Christ’s love can help us get through anything, whether it be a flunked test, a rotten day, or sins. Whenever we need support we can look to Christ. Before moving to Illinois, I lived in Utah for around 2-3 years. I was about 5 when I suffered a major loss. My tricycle was crushed under a van. Let me give you some background on why this was so crushing to me. At
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