Grace Collier Research Paper

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“Rome, Paris, London. Maybe I could stay for more than a semester and not come back until graduation.” Reality is Grace Collier is just a highschool girl that wanted to have a fun night with her friends at a party drinking. This party consisted of her four main friends and others but in particular, Zac being god’s gift to laurel Point and Grace’s ex boyfriend from just a couple days of dating. Miranda was one of Grace’s best friend but she liked Zac. Lindsey was also Grace’s best friend. Finally Ian was Zac’s best friend and teammate on the lacrosse team. The night of the party she was drinking with Miranda and Lindsey, Miranda got jealous and threw beer in her face because Grace was getting all the attention from Zac. After getting beer…show more content…
It’s a concussion, not a brain tumor” Ian and his attitude wound up in the principal's office and had to clean lockers over Spring break. Grace also wound up in the principal’s office after having an incident with lindsay. “Is there something else I can do? Detention. A paper. Anything. I really need the camera.” Grace and Ian are both more than happy to clean lockers than their original punishment until they find out they are cleaning lockers together. They actually grew quite close during Spring break they both liked each other and they kissed. But Ian knew what Grace was accusing his best friend of. Grace was determined to get someone to believe her so after she finished cleaning lockers she went to the field that Zac and the lacrosse team with playing she used the camera that she got from the school and also the one she begged to keep to try and get a picture of Zac's game face “He had this look like a lion after a zebra, you know?” Grace that if she got a picture of his game face they wouldn't think he was innocent. Grace and Ian were friends but that all changed when school started again, Ian only wanted something to do with her when they were alone. But Ian was getting suspicious when he saw how disrespectful he was towards girls. While the whole lacrosse team was in the locker room Ian asked to use zac’s phone because he wasn't getting good service. Ian sent himself the entire video that Zac took that night. “No Zac, stop. I don’t want to.” Ian had all the evidence he needed to help Grace… so he texts the coach and later talks to the
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