Grace, God's Most Important Gift to Man Other than Life

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Grace is God’s most important gift to man other than life that is. Grace is freely given but was so costly to God to give. The first taste of Grace was when God gave His own beloved son to die for the sins of the world. Jesus did not deserve to die upon the cross that day so many years ago. He was sinless. Yet honoring His Father’s wishes He was tortured and then made to die upon the cross like the thief beside Him. Three days later God raised Him to a resurrected life and Jesus sits at His right side even today. The whole reason that Jesus was tortured the way He was is that He alone bore all the sins from each of us that day. He was God’s gift to us, in a sense Jesus was grace poured out on us all. Many theologians have discussed…show more content…
In his book The Cost of Discipleship, Bonhoeffer tells the tale of Peter being called by Jesus to follow Him. When Jesus first calls to Peter to follow it is the first words spoken to him. The second time was after the crucifixion of Christ, the Risen Lord found Peter at the same place He had first found him. Both times Peter leaves behind what he is doing and followed (Bonhoeffer 45) (Vanderhart). This is what Bonhoeffer is telling us what we must do daily. It is to leave what we are wanting to do and follow His Word. It means giving up what we know to be wrong according to the Word of God and striving to show that we do love God with all of our hearts by following what He wants for us. Bonhoeffer told us what we should do in accepting grace and John Wesley gave us the means by which to follow God’s word. He explained what happens after we decide to go after the costly grace. He was the one, in a sense, to break it down into layman’s terms. He saw what had happened with secularization of the Church like Bonhoeffer did but took costly grace and made it understandable as to what the steps to gain that costly grace were. Wesley gave Christians an explanation of what prevenient grace is. This is the grace that God gives even before we accept Him. The grace that begins softening the heart to be prepared for faith.

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