Grace Nichols' Island Man

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The mood of this poem is very soothing and is a sense of relaxation and security. Grace Nichols is showing that the island mans first home is the Caribbean. “the steady breaking and wombing.” The word “wombing” is a made up word by the writer. It has many associations but it makes us the readers imagine a place of comfort and security but more importantly a sense of home and belonging. The reason why this image is put in to the readers mind is because babies grow in the mothers’ womb, so we could say that the womb is everyone’s “first home”. The word ‘wombing’ can also mean his mother land.

The first line in this poem is only taken up by one word, ‘morning’ this may represent a peaceful approach to the day. I came to this conclusion
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This signals to the reader that he is not actually in this place. This makes me imagine that he carries his homeland in his head. This also gives you an idea that island man is both in London and Caribbean.

The writer makes us envision a scene of beauty and only something we can dream of. The scene is also revealed as precious to the island man. “small emerald island” portrays that the island is an emerald. An emerald is very hard to get and in many cases people could only dream of getting one. The writer uses a technique called a metaphor. The reason why the writer uses this technique is because it allows the reader to imagine the scene better. For example the writer compares an ‘emerald’ with the ‘island’. Emeralds can be green this then represents green tress and most islands usually have a lot of trees.

Grace Nichols describes the sun as a positive image. ‘the sun surfacing defiantly’ makes the reader picture an image of the sun climbing in to the sky. The word ‘defiantly’ allows the sun to stand out. ‘sun surfacing defiantly’ could also represent that he doesn’t want the sun to rise, he just wants to lye here in his small island and just relax but know matter what he does the sun still rises.

Another technique the poet uses is something called sibilance which is a repetitive s sound. The sound of the s is actually trying to recreate the sounds of the island as well as having the mellow imagery of the blue surf. One of the examples the letter s creates
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