Gracious Christianity Journal Response Two

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Gracious Christianity Journal Response Two In chapters four through eight of Jacobsen and Sawatsky’s book, Gracious Christianity, there is an in depth analyses of the Holy Spirit, the church, the Bible, and the future. There was so much information that I read over, so I took a concept from each chapter that I found significant and analyzed it. There are many fantastic points made that really got me thinking about the life around me and how I am executing my own life. In chapter four of, Gracious Christianity, it covers the spirit of life. Basically, the Spirit that is given by God gives us life mentally, physically, and spiritually to all Christians (78). One concept the authors talk about was powerful, “Instead, we …show more content…

In Genesis, God tells Adam to take care of all the plant life and animals roaming the earth, moreover, I believe the responsibility has been passed on to us and it is our duty to take care of God’s beautiful creation of life. In chapter five what really caught my attention was the section on community of the church. Personally, I believe the church communities are failing to reach out to others, and reach the full potential of what the church can be. I believe many churches are slowly becoming a social club that merely mimics what Christianity should be. Many people go to church for the popularity and inspirational quotes. “The church as a community does not require conformity. Christians are not meant to be cookie-cutter copies of one another” (90). I have been told by friends about the hurt their family member has felt because the church rejected them due to he or she being gay. Hearing these stories broke a piece of me because this is not how a Christian community should behave. God does not reject us for our unworthiness, however, he loves us. Which in my eyes means we are not to reject anyone from attending the church, yet, show them love. “The church is the place where the story of our personal redemption branches out and intertwines with the stories of other persons seeking redemption on the road towards full salvation” (91). As a community, we are not to reject

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