Gracy Final Application Of Concept Analysis To Clinical Practice

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Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice Gracy Zachariah Grand Canyon University: NUR-502 May 27, 2015 Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice Concepts are terms for phenomena that can happen in nature or in thought. Concept analysis should have a purpose. A concept may be comparatively a summary and created with an aim. Walker and Avant’s (2011) concept analysis outline is used to measure the job satisfaction of nursing in a hospital based setting. Job satisfaction plays a major role to nurses because it can impact on their work performance and determines patient care. A nurse’s personality also influences job satisfaction. Job satisfaction impacts an…show more content…
Providing satisfied patient care and having the joy of seeing patients get better and go home are a key component of job satisfaction. In our hospital we promote job satisfaction and we believe the concept of job satisfaction related to independency to make decisions related to patient care, adequate support team, and effective patient care. As new nurses join the work team, nursing leadership should make them attend team leadership meetings and involve them be a part of a research team; by doing so; nurses will feel confident and comfortable with their skill set, knowing that they are being recognized as a part of team. Adequate time to getting used to the clinical trial enrollment process and always a mentor follow them for at least 6 months for providing adequate guidance. This strategy helps nurses build confidence by increasing their independency to make decisions on their own. They feel they have adequate support, and with this kind of support they are able to provide care for patients effectively and efficiently. From personal work experience, when new nurses join our staff team she or he has a group of team for assisting them for learning new skills and assist them to learn clinical research aspects. Whenever they learn new skills a mentor accompany them till they become confident. These preceptors provide guidance until they feel confident doing their task on their own. According to Walker
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