Grade 1 : Child 's Learning Experience And Their Education

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Education begins from the moment the your child is brought home from the hospital and continues on when your child starts to attend grade R. infants and little children require positive early learning encounters to help their erudite person, social and enthusiastic advancement and this establishes the framework for later school achievement. A few people may ask the question is grade R essential and I would say yes, it is, In the long run it will benefit your child. It will assemble their certainty before the enormous day of Grade 1 it will give them a advantage over a youngster who has been kept at home. Review R is critical! It readies your child for Grade 1 and over the long run you will understand your youngster performs better. During…show more content…
It is a time when children particularly need high quality personal care and learning experiences. How a child learns is question that has been a frequent subject of research for a lot of years. Scientists agree that a variety of patterns appear in a typical classroom. Understanding your children’s learning styles can help break homework patterns that cloud your child’s ability to learning. Inefficient homework strategies are ineffective because some children are not getting what they need to learn into their head and fully process information that is given to them. Children learn in different ways. To get a better understanding of how your child learns, consider areas of preferred learning styles by the child. Each style has very recognizable traits. Many theories have been developed in regarding children’s learning styles. One of the most popular theories with teachers deals with four modes of learning, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile. These are based upon the use of the five senses involved with the learning. Which the child prefers determines the student’s learning style. Visual learners best remember what they have seen. These children tend to remember faces instead of names, and are good readers and have good imaginations. They respond best to instructions that include reading, posters, graphs and videos. It is useful to understand how language unfolds. The first words
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