Grade Inflation And If It Accurately Determines The Competency Level Of The Student Based On The Grade

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Throughout schools, there is a debate about grade inflation and if it accurately determines the competency level of the student based on the grade that they have received. The answer to this question like any subject depends on who is asked. To employers the answer is mostly no, “How can we distinguish the best from the adequate?” If you ask the average student, the answer usually is yes, “Even though I did not originally earn that B, I performed with the top twenty percent of the class”. There are some drawbacks to the system, but overall the concept behind it follows normally occurring trends in the population of students. This is called norm-referenced grading. So if something follows normal trends in a population, there should not be…show more content…
Then the top twenty will get a B (excluding the top ten), and so on. Even with this tool of grading, Jordan Ellenberg states that with the concept of Standard Deviation, something defined as something that is used to view the amount of variation of a set of data. It is depicted as a bell curve, with the topmost peak being the median of the data. With the most common standard deviation example, there will be a 95 percent confidence interval, which means that we are sure that 95 percent of the population will fall between two points of the bell curve. That leaves five percent that will be split in half and put on each end of the bell curve to represent the outliers of the group. There will always be the outliers above and below the mean (which in grades the mean is usually around the letter grade C) and by raising the grades to fit this distribution does not hurt the students. It makes it so there is a normal distribution between all of the grades. The problem is to dismiss the stigma’s surrounding grade inflation. Using grade inflation is not going to push everyone into A’s and have no other letter grades, it just fleshes out the grades a little more. With any type of grading system, there will be controversy over the accuracy and fairness of the system. The belief of using the standard deviations of the class to rate the grades seems to be an accurate
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