Grade Inflation Is The Biggest Issue

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Is Grade Inflation Truly The Biggest Issue? Grade inflation, the belief that students are receiving grades that they haven’t worked for and therefore don’t deserve. But what’s so wrong about grade inflation? When learning about this subject we also open the doors to learning about the multitude of other problems plaguing our educational system that could use our attention much more than grade inflation does. Through grade inflation we’re able to understand problems often forgotten about and looked over. When researching into the topic of grade inflation one begins to see a multitude of problems arise that have been previously ignored and have been left to continue wreaking havoc on the educational system. Mark Oppenheimer shares a similar points of view in his article where he discussed his opinion, that grade inflation is one of the much lesser issues and that we need to be focusing on other things.(other things, just quote his article). His ideas are countered by the ideas of people such as Rojstaczer who argue that grade inflation is becoming an out of control issue that needs to be fixed (add in quotes from the book and article) In the past colleges like Princeton and Wellesley have tried to adopt policies to help curb grade inflation. Even though it lowered the percentages of high grades, effectively lowering the amount of grade inflation, it came with the cost of unforeseen consequences that affected the students and staff. In his article Rojstaczer
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