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Sleep Affects Your Grade-Point Average, More Than You Think
Research has shown that one’s grade point average is directly correlated to one’s sleep (Chiang, 2014; Hershner & Chervin, 2014). Along with that, sleep affects one’s grade point average through a psychological standpoint, as in the brain’s functionality (Kelly, 2001; Milan 2005). Where on the other hand, others say that sleep length have nothing to do with grade point average at all, it’s due a lack of commitment to work and study hard, in an efficient way. (Hershner & Chervin, 2014; Milan 2005). Yet, many students lack sleep and hurt their gpa’s doing so, with no adjustments being made to change. With the overwhelming amounts of studies that are being examined is why
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There three types of sleepers according to Kelly (2001). The three types being short sleeper, average sleepers, and long sleepers. The three types described are the lengths compared to the average time a student should sleep. The idea behind Potts-Datema (2005) is that students who sleep for sometime should be fine. The length can vary, but if a student gets some time to sleep is fine, because they at least get some sleep, no matter the length they sleep. Kelly (2001) also found the out of the three type of sleepers that the short sleeper, the ones who sleep less than the average time they should, that they have the lowest grade point average compared to the other two types. Also, the average sleepers, who sleep the average time and the long sleepers, who sleep longer than the average time they should, both have significantly higher grade point averages. But, between the average and long sleepers, the long sleepers have a slightly high grade point average. Therefore, the length of sleep is necessary to a higher extend, than just being able to get some time to sleep. Also, the reaction and response time of the student depends on the length of which they sleep (Chiang 2014; Kelly, 2001). They both also found that the reaction and response time of a short sleepers are more delayed than an average and long sleepers are. Also, a long sleeper has the best reaction and response time, due to they got to rest and regain their energy back, and not be drowsy like short sleepers would be and sometimes an average student would. They have more time to rest their whole body and mind, to be refreshed when
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