Grade School And Continuing Into College

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Introduction: Many times all throughout grade school and continuing into college I have found myself having a common issue. The teacher had given us an assignment where we needed to write a paper. With plenty of warning, she assigned the paper a week in advance from the due date. I though that I had plenty of time to get the paper done, so I put the assignment sheet in my binder. As the days passed after receiving the assignment, I still had yet to even start it. Without a warning my other classes started adding more and more homework. The next thing I know I am swamped in homework uncertain of what to do with my life. What should I start first? What is most important? Do I have time for that? Rather than working I found myself staring at my computer more stressed than ever. As the due dates for each assignment came up, I managed to finish each and every one of my assignments. Although, all the work I had to do did not come without a cost. My stress level from all the work spiked so high I could not even think anymore. I struggle with managing my time and figuring out my priorities and need to research solutions. I know that there are many different strategies of managing time and keeping priorities straight. By clearly keeping a calendar for all of my assignments, such as a planner, I can plan out what I need to finish and see when it needs to be done by. I also am aware that too much of a workload can cause stress and anxiety therefore decreasing the overall

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