Grade Year : The Toughest Year Of My Life

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I never would have thought that ninth grade year would be the toughest year of my life. I went from being able to do all kinds of physical activities to being on crutches. I was on crutches two weeks longer than my surgeon expected. Even after the crutches nothing seemed the same. The best way for me to get back to my old self was to attend physical therapy sessions twice a week. Even to this day I can feel a part of me is missing. I would soon begin to get my mobility back as my therapy sessions progressed throughout several weeks. Ninth grade year I decided to enter myself into two separate racing series. One series I attended was the Dirty Foot Adventures motocross series. The second one would be the top tier of BMX. I had intentions to race my first every Disney Cup where trophies were the size of small children. I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to get into BMX which at the time was a new sport to me but easy to transition into due to my motocross background. At the age of two I got my first ever dirt bike for Christmas, it was a Honda XR50. Soon my family’s passion became mine as I would grow. Several years go as I would continuously progress in the motorsports world. In my free time as a kid I would get out my X-Games ramps I got as a present one Christmas and set them up outside. All day long for several years my friends from the neighborhood and I would jump our bikes on the ramps all day long. Plenty of crashes, scars, and blood filled
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