Graded Lin Article Critique - Part 3

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Assessment of Lin Article-Part Three
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Assessment of Lin Article-Part Three Elements covered in this graduate student’s first critique of Effects of Forgiveness Therapy on Anger, Mood, and Vulnerability to Substance Use Among Inpatient Substance-Dependent Clients (Lin, Mack, Enright, Krahn, and Baskin, 2004) encompassed a compendium of its subject matter along with an evaluation of its first three components (e.g., abstract, literature review and research hypothesis). In its sequel, an analysis of the study’s participants along with an inspection of its procedure and instrumentation was offered. Within the third and final segment of this critique however, readers will find: (1) a scrutinization of
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Due to these factors, this graduate student supplies a rating of ‘3’ concerning this element. Concerning the cohesiveness of an essay, Pyrczak (2008) avers that its Results segment should not only convey a study’s outcome in paragraphs that can each convey a particular component of its findings but it should also be arranged in a manner that provides an exclusive focus on the research’s hypothesis as well as supply its related statistics. While this author can commend the researcher’s inclusion of the coefficients of their instrumentations and the tables that demonstrate the study’s results (Lin et al., 2004), the Results section in this composition falls short of the previously listed expectations of what this segment should comprise. For this assayer has observed that though the 10 variables measured had been noted, the study’s authors had not expounded upon the constituents of their findings. The rating this investigator gives the coherency of this paper is ‘2’. Additionally, as far as the study’s designers making a reference back to the purpose of the research (Pyrczak, 2008), this evaluator has ascertained they have not (Lin et al., 2004); however, it should be mentioned that in studies that have only a solitary hypothesis, such a requirement may not be applicable. With that being the case,

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