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EXAMINATION 00805000 Monday ABA MODEL RULES: 5.5 (b) 1.6 (a) NFPA ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS: 1.7 (a) 1.5 (a) 1.8 (a) Carl violated UPL for failure to identify himself to Jane and Zeke as a paralegal, setting fees and giving legal advice. Carl violated confidentiality by allowing Zeke to sit in on the meeting. Carl and Howe violated confidentiality by allowing Jane and Zeke in Howe’s office where confidential files were in plain view. Carl violated confidentiality by speaking about Jane’s case in the reception area where other clients could hear. Carl violated UPL by giving legal advice. Howe allowed Carl to engage in UPL and did not properly supervise Carl. TUESDAY ABA MODEL RULES: 5.5 (b) 1.2 (d) 3.4 NFPA ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS:…show more content…
Carl notarized documents not signed or acknowledged in his presence, Jane’s interrogatories. THURSDAY ABA MODEL RULES: 5.5 (b) 1.5 NFPA ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS: 1.7 (a) 1.8 (a) 1.2 1.3 (a) 1.1 1.3 (b) 1.3 (e) Carl did not properly identify himself as a paralegal to Sally Brown and sister. Carl told Sally that their conversation was confidential when it was not because her sister was there. Carl is engaging in UPL by giving legal advice. Carl told Sally and her sister to say they witnessed the accident when they did not. Carl is in violation of UPL for setting fees and accepting the case. Howe did not properly supervise Carl to ensure his paralegal does not engage in UPL. FRIDAY ABA MODEL RULES: 5.5 (b) NFPA ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS: 1.1 1.8 1.3 (a) 1.5 (a) 1.2 (a) 1.7 (a) Carl violated UPL by appearing in court and speaking on Howe’s behalf to the judge on a contested matter. Carl did not properly identify himself as a paralegal to Raymond. Carl breached confidentiality by allowing Jane to accompany Raymond in the meeting. Carl gave legal advice to Raymond. Howard committed a criminal, ethical violation by giving Carl his paycheck from the trust account. Howe and Carl violated UPL by allowing Carl to go to court

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