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Legal Writing 1 Graded Project LAW OFFICES of ELIZA SMITH and ASSOCIATES 5678 BARRISTER ROW CLARK, PENNSYLVANIA 18112 (771) 333-4444 FAX (771) 333-4445 February 28, 2005 Jane P. Smith 123 Rock Road Clark, Pennsylvania 18118 RE: TAX ASSESSORS’ OFFICE HEARING NOTICE for TAX APPEAL Dear Ms. Jane P. Smith, I am contacting you in regards to your tax appeal in conjunction with Tax Map No.: 19-19-050-019-8. Our office has received notice of your hearing March 6, 2005 @ 10:35 a.m. I have also enclosed the official notice that we have received from the tax assessors’ office. Attorney E. Smith has asked me to remind you to meet her in the lobby ten minutes prior to the scheduled hearing and please bring pictures of the homes…show more content…
Containing approximately 86,000 square feet of land, more or less, and being the Southerly one-half of Lot numbered 198. Subject to all restrictions, reservations conditions and exceptions as set forth in deeds forming the chain of title. BEING the same premises conveyed to the Grantors herein by deed of Mo Wells, et al., dated May 3, 1964, and recorded in the Lackawanna County Recorder of Deeds in Deed Book 810 Page 233. Tax Map No. 19-19-050-019-8 And the said Grantor does hereby generally warrant the property hereby conveyed. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, said Grantors have hereunto set her hand and seal the day and year first above written. Signed, Sealed and Delivered Grantor: JANE P. SMITH in the Presence of: ADAM JONES JANE P. SMITH ADAM JONES SALLY JONES SALLY

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