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Is There Enough Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction? Reid Kerr College Centre of Sports Development HNC Fitness, Health and Exercise Graded Unit 1 Unit Number: DW 6934 Lecturer: Dianne Teo Submission Date: Ashley Milligan Contents Contents Page Number Summary 1 Evidence of Negotiated Access to Facility 2 Legal and Ethical Issues 3 Introduction 4 Aims and Objectives 5 Proposed Action Plan 6 Selection and Justification for Research Methodology 7 Required Resources 8 Barriers 9 Primary Evidence 10 – 16 Secondary Evidence 17 – 18 Evaluation 19 – 21 Conclusion 22 References 23…show more content…
I will also interview staff with regards to customer feedback. These areas will assit me of whether or not the centre is doing everything it can to follow the guidelines the government have set out to make Scotland a healthier place. I.e. - are they doing enough to encourage the public to exercise, as it is a government building? (See appendix 12 - 13) Legal and Ethical Issues It was important to comply to guidelines regarding legal and ethical issues. I made sure I followed all health and safety regulations at the Barrhead Sports Centre. Also when asking people to fill out my surveys I followed the Data Protection Act 1998 (See appendix 14) and emphasised that they would remain anonymous. I also had to make sure I did not ask any personal questions or encourage negative answers. If someone no longer wants to participate in my investigation they were not obliged to participate. Required Resources In order to carry out my investigation I will require; Access to the centre as this is necessary to research my topic Transport to the facility Access to IT facilities Access to internet to get my secondary evidence from A phone to make arrangements with manager Barriers During my investigation there were a few things which made collecting

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