Graded Unit Planning Stage Essays

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| HNC Management | Graded Unit | | | | 18th February 2012 | | Planning Stage HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) was formed on the 18 April 2005, following the merger of Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise Departments. Work is still continuing on our office restructuring programme following implementation of a national computer system, allowing automation of several processes and therefore requiring fewer staff. HMRC ensure the correct tax is paid at the right time, whether this relates to payment of taxes received by the department or entitlement to benefits paid. The department I work in is Personal Tax Operations, Edinburgh Group, this department collects and administers Direct taxes paid by an individual…show more content…
They need to know the legislation behind Income Tax laws and make decisions that can set precedent for future claims in any particular area. There tends to be one per office and therefore they have limited support available themselves. I was asked to take part in the project, having had a training team and also having had issues relating to training myself, when I moved from a management role to a technical case role. I chose this topic as my HNC Management: Graded Unit project as I wanted to carry out a project that covered all objectives of the brief. Being able to use the skills I have learned from completing the core modules and draw on my work experience to my HNC. Activity Objectives * To create a presentation with valid proposals and recommendations to be shared with senior leadership team, by the end of February * To implement a defined Learning & Development process to give assurance that learning needs will be met by the end of March * Improve and raise awareness of associated learning listed within the Guidance Gateway, by the end of March * Increase Communications and improve methods to aid staff development, by the end of March * Implement a timetable of training sessions available and a method of communication to staff, by the end of March Personal Objectives * Responsibility for creating
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