Grades of Wrath: Why Schools Should Switch to a Pass/Fail Grading System

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Once a person graduates from law school, before they can begin working as a lawyer they have to take a test called the Bar. The test is not graded with A’s; B’s, C’s, D’s, or F’s and instead is graded by the pass-fail system. Once the test is graded it shows that the person either passed the Bar or failed the Bar. What is important with the Bar is that persons passes which indicates the competency of their understanding of the material to use it in the real world. Whereas the current letter grading system shows who understood the material. The pass-fail system should also be implemented in all U.S. high schools, this revolutionary idea that is practical in nature would benefit students because letter grades can cause unneeded stress and…show more content…
People who are against the pass fail system object to students with letter grades lower than an A receiving the same recognition since they do not work as hard. Protestors of the pass fail grading system like the letter grading system because it creates competition between students which is needed to show the better and brighter students. Groups against the pass fail system, additionally, believe that grades are necessary for college admittance. If passing were on every student’s report cards colleges would be taking a “shot in the dark” and would not have an accurate appraisal of the students they are considering. Supporters of the letter grading system would argue that implementing the pass-fail system would only hurt students and imply to them that there is not room to excel, only to pass. With the pass-fail system it is easy to judge and give all the negative reasons for why it would not work; however, when digging under the seeming faults of the pass fail system one will be able to see the ways around the faults. The pass fail system in fact would craft a better system than letter grades. Critics challenge the pass-fail system on the assumption that students will not be motivated to work. In contrast, in the pass-fail system the classes would be cumulative with a final oral presentations and portfolio due at the end of each semester instead of a final test. For students to

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