Grading Of The Performance Of Students

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Test scores have been around since the dawn of modern education and have been used extensively towards grading of the performance of students. This method has broadly provided the measure of the students’ understanding towards the concepts they have been thought. Most educational systems in the globe have been relying on the tests and examinations scores to determine the standards and competency of their respective schools and students (Brown et al, 2014). This paper is going to provide a critique of this method and evaluate the essence and significance of it in the educational system. The main objective of the grading schools according to their tests roots in the determination of analyzing the capabilities and performance in dissimilar areas of a school such as discipline, behavior and conduct of students, co-curricular activities and primarily academic performance. Though they are widely applied, they are not a good indicator of the school’s competency due to its not totally inclusive of other factors that ascertain a school’s competency. This is because this method erodes the morale and innovation among instructors and teachers (Gardener, 1994). Teachers being pre occupied with these performance and competency measures they are driven to focus their energies towards raising the test scores of the school instead of delivering teaching methods that would increase the innovation abilities of the students. Moreover the teachers are impelled to merely give the students…
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