Grading Of The Performance Of Students

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Test scores have been around since the dawn of modern education and have been used extensively towards grading of the performance of students. This method has broadly provided the measure of the students’ understanding towards the concepts they have been thought. Most educational systems in the globe have been relying on the tests and examinations scores to determine the standards and competency of their respective schools and students (Brown et al, 2014). This paper is going to provide a critique of this method and evaluate the essence and significance of it in the educational system. The main objective of the grading schools according to their tests roots in the determination of analyzing the capabilities and performance in dissimilar …show more content…

The pressure further piles for the teachers to attain best test results for the schools failure to do that they will be deemed to have failed in delivering in their roles of teachings. Thus, the past learning environment that encompassed passionate exploration of knowledge and ideas is doomed to thrive in an environment that emphasizes attainment of better test scores. Usage of test scores to gauge the competency of schools contributes more negatively towards the learning of students. This is due to this method preventing effective learning of the students. The test scores only seek to glorify and exalt the best schools that have attained excellent scores while decimate the morale of the underperforming schools. The tests apart from encouraging the students to memorialize even the simplest skills and facts, it applies the carrot and stick methodology of ensuring the students at the end obtain better scores. At other particular instances, the real application of the scores of tests demonstrates no particular validation of the approach towards teaching effectively. Instead the method erroneously keeps students and teachers answerable to the performance of the school; this is a limited perspective that is only interested in figures of the test for a particular school (Wiggins, 2013). It is even sadder that the extended honoring of these test results of schools dissuades other partners involved in

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