Essay about Gradual and Sudden Anxiety

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People’s anxiety levels will be tested through their heart rates. The resting heart rate of 30 people will be taken, and then the test group will be split in half. The first 15 subjects are going to be told that they are going to watch a scary video. And for the last 15 we will not tell the subjects anything that will happen in the video. A series of health questions that have nothing to do with our project will be asked. The goal of this project is to record any changes in heart rate, due to anxiety, anticipation, and being caught unawares. Anxiety is fear. It is a psychological problem that starts in the brain, when humans see that people are looking at them, and they start to get think that they are being judged. It is…show more content…
The reason it is believed the experiment will turn out this way is they will have a majority of the video to anticipate when what is going to happen, so their heart rate will gradually increase before they see the frightening part of the video, at which point their blood pressure and heart rate should spike suddenly. It will also be taken into account how easily somebody gets frightened. That will play an important role in how much the data changes. For the lab, 30 people have been chosen as the test subjects. The people were chosen at random; there was no equation used in choosing who was picked for the lab. The subjects were split into two groups; one would be told that they are going to see a video that will give them good feelings, and then negatives ones suddenly, and the other group would only be told that they are going to see a video, no details. Their resting heart rate Was taken, and recorded it on a table, and then had them watch the video they were randomly assigned to. Immediately after they had finished the video, their heart rates were tested again, and recorded any changes in their diastole, systole, and their pulse. Each of the test subjects was tested separately, and away from other distractions. The variables in this procedure are whether or not the person is a dog or a cat
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