Graduate Attribute Plan For Graduate With A Bachelor Of Engineer

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Graduate Attribute Plan Introduction Being able to graduate with a Bachelor of Engineer (Honours), majoring in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, will allow me to work in a range of sectors with high-level technology. Skills that I will develop in the course of my degree such as having a high level of technical knowledge and IT skills as well as having strong analysis and practical problem-solving abilities to improve designs. These are core skills that are valued in my future career as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer, which will also help me direct my career into areas such as; designing and testing circuit building blocks, computer programming and computer-aided design. Throughout the duration of my degree, I plan to undertake…show more content…
I have learnt from the problem solving course the suitable approach to engineering problems which entails using the problem solving cycle. I have to investigate the problem using researched-based knowledge and research methods. It is important for me, as an engineer to identify alternative solutions to the problem and then evaluate the potential outcome in order to justify the chosen solution. After finishing the degree, I will be expected to be confident in applying engineering techniques, tools, and resources. Which means that I should be capable of identifying equipment that is relevant to the engineering discipline. This is because it will help me validate results and assess the accuracy of it. Currently, I haven’t done any courses that is design-related and so I expect to learn how to apply systematic engineering synthesis and design processes. Professional and Personal Attributes Two of the most important attributes that I need to possess as a professional engineer is accountability and ethical conduct. I will be responsible for the safety of other people and the protection of the environment. As a professional engineer, I will be preparing high quality engineering documents therefore it is important for me to have an effective written and oral communication. In order to improve my written communication skills, I had to set a goal for the first problem solving course. The

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