Graduate Career Exploration Internship : Launchmetrics

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Graduate Career Exploration Internship: Launchmetrics
Chih-Yun Tsai
LIM College

Table of Contents
Company and Department Overview 3
Internship Title and Description 5
Overview of Approved Learning Objectives 6
Summary and Evidence of Learning Objective Achievement 6
Summary of Personal Skill Development 9
References 10

Company and Department Overview
Launchmetrics is a software development and data insights company that assist brands with their launch to market. In 2015, Launchmetrics was established through the merger of FashionGPS and french data analysis company, Augure (Bacelar, 2016). The merger allowed the two companies to bring together expertise needed for any brand or company. Products offered by the company include influencer marketing software, samples and events management tools, showroom management software, press release and brand pitch publishing tools. The most notable product offered by Launchmetrics is the community tool, Radar, which allows brands, media, agencies, and other industry influencers to connect with one another (Software, n.d.). Prior to the merger, FashionGPS has established itself within the North American fashion industry and have built a client list with most of the top 500 brands and retailers including DKNY, CFDA, Playstation, and Jaguar (Customers Archive, n.d.). The two-combined entity now boasts a client profile of over 1,700 brands across 70 different countries (Bacelar, 2016). As a company that offers launch to market…

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