Graduate Degree: Personal Statement

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Graduate Degree: Personal Statement Any major transition in life brings with it new challenges. It is only natural for new circumstances to be accompanied by a variety of completely unfamiliar experiences, settings and lessons. Certainly this was true of my leap from high-school to college. Taking the next step in my education was something into which I entered with both excitement and apprehension as the course of these years could have a substantial influence in shaping my future. This mix of emotions would prove to be quite justified upon my admission to college. Simultaneously one of the most engaging and most rewarding periods of my life, my first few years at this university would present me with trial and inspiration in equal parts. I desire admission into a graduate degree program as a way of deepening both my knowledge and passion in my chosen field. Now, as I prepare to take the next step in my education, I am armed with the same readiness and excitement. As I seek an institution that is conducive to achieving my ongoing goals of academic growth and professional success, I look forward to bringing my talents and qualifications to my new graduate degree program. My research leads me to believe that the next important leap which I take will be elevated by admission to this institution, whose scholastic programs, campus community and qualified faculty appear to be a perfect match for my ambition. In light of my challenging but highly enriching college
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