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Graduate School Comparison Worksheet

Choose three graduate programs that you are interested in researching. For each program, answer the following questions.

School 1: University of California, Los Angeles

Graduate Program Name: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

1 List the admission requirements for graduate studies in psychology.

University's minimum requirements:

i. All applicants are expected to submit a statement of purpose.

ii. Admission is for Fall Quarter only and on a full-time basis only.

iii. Applications must be complete and received by the department by the deadline to be considered.

iv. Interviews (in person or by phone) are required for Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive,
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viii. I will submit abstracts or at the end of my research statement.

4. What is the total cost of this graduate program?

$1,145 per credit hour

5. Does this program require a certain grade point average (GPA) to be maintained? If so what is that GPA?

The University will confer the graduate degree with distinction on students who have attained a minimum grade point average of 3.75 with at least 80 percent of the credits for the degree earned at Hofstra.

6. How long is the program?

The Ph.D. program is a six year, full-time only program.

7. Does the program require any field experience prior to completion? If so, please explain.

Not Required.

School 3: Northeastern University

Graduate Program Name: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

1. List the admission requirements for graduate studies in psychology.

i. An undergraduate grade point average in your major field of 3.2 or above on a 4.0 scale ii. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) verbal, quantitative, and analytical scores above the 70th percentile (Psychology Subject Test is required before admission, not necessarily for the application) iii. Undergraduate and/or Master’s level course work consistent with a major in psychology, including experimental psychology, abnormal psychology, statistics, and research design iv. Prior experience (paid or voluntary) with clinical populations, including direct-service or clinical research
v. Interested in intensive training using a scientist-practitioner model and a
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