Graduate School Admissions Essay

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‘Slow and steady wins the race’, they say. Nothing best describes my passage through life as does this adage: mine has been flanked by academic challenges and high family standards. Yet, I have not only always pulled through but have done so most gallantly, even finishing best at some levels. Primary and Secondary Schools education were for me, not quite fulfilling, that is at first. I was quite poor in Mathematics. Having older siblings who excelled in all subjects did not make it any easier. Everyone compared me with them. As a result, I had a low self esteem and continued to perform poorly until my final secondary examinations. It was then that I told myself I could do it. I burnt the midnight oil for days on end and prayed …show more content…
Even so, I realized that I would have to thrive among a large class of students most of whom could already read, write and speak French. With a foundation steeped in resolve, I again made up my mind to give it my best shot. I decided to do more than merely survive and so, I began teaching, on Saturdays, at a French club for children between the ages of 3 and 14. I used songs and poems as learning aids and assisted them in doing assignments from their various schools. I also spent hours in the university library, poring over any book that was written in French, and checking up French vocabulary in my dictionary. Although I had to sacrifice time that would have been used in leisure, it was well worth the effort. I graduated 5th best in a class of 135 people. The secret of my conquest was simple, albeit riddled with painstaking attempts and occasional failures: ‘If you fail, try again!’ Learning French also fulfilled my interests in traveling. I had the opportunity to visit French-speaking African countries like Benin Republic and Togo. I did not only become fluent in the language, but also came to understand how the culture, beliefs, and traditions of man shape what values he represents. Likewise, I realized that factors such as art, literature, language, music, dance, laws, wars among others, are all key in the
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