Graduate School Application Essay Discussing Work Experiences and my Desire to Pursue an MSW

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I have decided to pursue an MSW in clinical social work at the University of Calgary because I am interested in working with women who have been affected by domestic abuse. The idea of helping these women help themselves by increasing their own resilience is something that resonates with me on a personal level. I believe too often in our society women continue to be treated as victims, which perpetuates the ideology that women are weak. The paradox of abuse is it weakens one’s self-esteem, yet those women who seek to escape these situations have shown great strength. Not only have they been able to survive physical and psychological trauma, they have taken the important step of resisting the abuse and coming out of it alive. If more focus …show more content…
To further expand on my fascination with research, I also volunteered at the Child Development Institute as a research assistant. My role consisted of entering data, assisting with data analysis, and ensuring youth workers were following the steps of the stop now and plan (SNAP ®) strategy by watching group sessions through a two-way mirror. This experience only intensified my interest in conducting research, yet this will not be feasible unless I learn the proper ethical and practical elements of the research process. Graduate school will allow me to acquire the skills needed to conduct research both theoretically and practically, as well as apply interventions that could benefit individuals suffering from social and mental health problems. In addition to my academic preparation, I decided that although I did want to pursue graduate school, I thought it was important to gain some practical experience so I decided to take a couple of years off between graduating and applying for graduate school. I also thought it was important to explore other areas of the helping field. My first work experience after graduating was to work as a community facilitator with adults who have an acquired brain injury. My responsibilities were to support the clients in achieving their daily goals and activities. My role was not to take over and do the task at hand for the client, but to encourage the client to attempt on their own and act as a source of support when needed. After
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