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I am applying to graduate school with the motivation and intent to better understand the world's food system(s). My aim is to create a more just food system and therefore healthier environments and communities. I am going to make effective, positive change on this planet during my lifetime and the way to achieve this for me starts literally from the soil up. Graduate school will serve to better prepare me for the challenges I will inevitably face during this process.
I made the decision to return to graduate school nearly one year after finishing my undergraduate degree while I was backpacking alone through Southeast Asia. I was doing independent research and documentation about agriculture and farming practices in the region. I book ended my travels in the East with two different jobs, I worked as a vineyard intern at a winery in Napa Valley and
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including, but by no means limited to, Tom Tomich, Ryan Galt, Mark Van Horn, Jesse and Glenda Drew, Liza Grandia, Steve Wheeler and Jonathan London. I feel that their areas of research and specialization all coincide with my interests and goals for graduate school. I feel they would all positively impact my research pursuits by offering advice in their related fields. I have reached out to all of them prior to applying to graduate school about collaborating in one way or another; granted that I am accepted to UC Davis.
Learning more about the relationship that we as humans have with our food, whether we are growing it, eating it or disposing of it and all the innumerous steps in between, is my greatest passion in life. Furthering my education in this field positively makes sense in every way for my future. I am excited, determined motivated and ready to hit the ground running upon starting graduate
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