Essay about Graduate Studies in Aerospace Engineer

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The aircraft had become my dream machine since the first day I started working on it. I choose to become an aerospace engineer as I felt that the airplane can give wings to my dream of flying in air. I was recruited by a company called Infosys Limited after completing my under graduation majoring in Mechanical (Production) Engineering. My passion to understand aircraft design has motivated me to work on design of various fuselage components during the course of my career. I was always interested to know about how various components are sized and the math behind arriving at a particular cross-section, thickness etc. As a design engineer my responsibilities include design of components based on stress analysis data, which is limited. I…show more content…
My favourite subjects were Thermodynamics and Computer Aided Design and Modeling (CADCAM), in which I had great interest to learn and experiment. During my four year course, I participated in various technical festivals of Institution of Technology’s (IIT’s), which are the premier institutions of my country, India. Participation in these festivals gave me a practical understanding of my studies and exposure of the real world. The competitions I participated involved business idea presentation, design event using CAD and building a step climbing robot. These visits had a major impact on my approach towards problem solving and gave me the ability to imagine and understand things faster and better.
At Infosys, I was trained professionally in CATIA before getting deployed in the project. I started my career working as a design support engineer for Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, for their regional jet program. During my five years of working, the program matured from preliminary design phase to development phase, giving me an insight into the complete design and development of the fuselage. I also had the opportunity to witness and contribute to the various design and configuration changes during my tenure in the program. My experience in this program spans across design of various components of mid-fuselage such as skin, stringers, frames, stringer clips, fittings
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