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Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success Twenty one years ago I started my nursing profession, which I do not regret any minute of it. Today I found myself back to college embarking a new journey pursuing MSN degree with much excitement and many challenges. In order to be successful in graduate study, I have to come up with strategies to overcome the anticipated challenges. The three main obstacles I face that would affect my study are writing, time management, and stress.
Health care industry has been evolved immensely over the past 10 to 15 years. When I graduated as a nurse 18 years ago, regular diploma or bachelor’s degree was what required. Health care professionals could advance career with clinical
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Adequate respite between the study time will help building up the memory synapse and facilitate memorization. Without cramping all the stuff together will reduce the stress build up. Another important way to manage my stress is to get good quality sleep. During State three and four deep sleep, the stress response is turned off. It is not so much of quantity of sleep, but the quality of sleep that counts.
“Communication is a deal maker or a breaker. Using the right words; at the right time; at the right place; with a right person play a vital role in building or ruining relationships”. (Iyengar, 2012) There are some specifics about graduate study communications.
Strengths. The online program provided by UOPX is uniquely designed for working adults who want to pursue higher education. The flexible scheduling allows me to take class anywhere at my own convenience. I have the access to class material and discussion at my fingertip 24/7. I can exchange ideas with other students anytime we want. There is no restraint in space and time. The whole geographic limitation is eliminated. Students coming from different states even from different countries can meet in the forums achieving common academic goal.
Weaknesses. The virtual reality classroom is created for all the classmates to interact. However, the weakness for this mode of communication is the lack of face-to-face personal interaction. Online-based courses facilitate the
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