Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success Essay

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Running head: GRADUATE STUDY CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success Graduates Study Challenges and Strategies for Success Making my decision to go to graduate school through an online program was difficult. I had no idea what to expect. However, with my administrator’s advice and encouragement, I decided to start on this new endeavor and take the challenge. My only experience as a student has been the traditional classroom, which alone produces in me a set of uncertainties about the challenges I will face. The unfamiliar setting, communicating through writing and being good at research are my three challenging areas. In order to juggle these and many my other responsibilities…show more content…
This may require efforts on my part to get assistance and use all resources available to proof read my work and remember to use the spell check tool prior to summiting my responses and written assignments. I find a very useful tool the PowerPoint presentation by the instructor titled “Pitfalls to Avoid in Writing.” Another useful source is the slides provided as part of week one materials on APA Citation Information and Creating Reference Pages in the APA Format. They are both easy and quick sources of information. A program that I still need to incorporate in my work is PERRLA. Again, this is another one of those bumps on the road that I am determined to jump successfully. Research usually requires an overwhelming amount of structured reading. Becoming good in this area is challenging to me because I must find the time to engage in hours of finding sources and material to read regarding a topic of interest in which focused attention is vital. Oftentimes, finding a topic alone is frustrating. Or, I may have a thought but, I may have difficulty to narrowing down my ideas. I may have to start by getting involved in my community. Looking for research centers and organizations that engage in research where I live would be a good start to learn the different approaches to this process. Our local university may have diverse research projects that may be of relevance to my topic of interest. I might have to reach out to my previous instructors
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